Brand: Zkano
Idea: Zkano's has a lineage of being in a Southern-rooted city that used to be known as the "Sock Capital of the World". Let's personify the sock mills by paying homage towards the olds mills that inspired Zkano today.

Featured on: Packaging of the World

Zkano goes off of the tagline "Feel good. Be good." They really don't enforce that idea within their current audience or package design. This gives the opportunity for the demographic to give back and receive the action that their tagline fully provides by using an organization they already work with and bringing the movement to the forefront of the consumer.


Each type of sock has a specific name that correlates back to the style of each sock. Using Oliver as the example, the design is inspired by the past sock mills that once were. The package design is inspired by smokestacks within the sock mills. This aesthetic is relevant towards their past and present. This shows the idea of an equally strong community of the once "Sock Capital of the World". The brand prides itself with using American grown cotton. The design uses that authenticity by using the cotton as a way to promote the idea that the once "Sock Capital of the World" is still going strong, the cotton being used as a metaphor towards a working smokestack.